Text editor features

This page will provide an overview of the most commom text editor tools

Home tab

The home tab contains the common various formatting tools and commands to customize and modify the appearance of your document. The features included in the Home tab are:

  • Undo / Redo buttons

  • Font settings: font style, size, and color of the selected text

  • Text styles: various text formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript and superscript

  • Text and background color: change the color of the text or the background of a selected portion

  • Clear formatting: it allows users to remove any formatting applied to the selected text.

  • Bullets and numbering: add bullet points or numbering to create lists

  • Paragraph tools: options to adjust the alignment, indentation, and line spacing of the paragraphs

  • Non-printing character symbol

  • Styles: option to apply predefined styles to paragraphs for consistent formatting.

Insert tab

The Insert tab provides various tools and options to insert different types of content into a document:

  • Blank page

  • Page break: insert a page break to start a new page or a section break (next page, continuous, odd, even).

  • Table: insert tables of the desired number of rows and columns

  • Image: insert images from your computer

  • Link: insert hyperlinks to external websites or specific sections within the document as well as bookmarks within the document to quickly navigate to specific locations

  • Comment: add comments and annotations to specific parts of the document.


The toolbar pops up on text selection. After the toolbar has appeared, it gradually fades away if you haven't used it on popping up.

The toolbar has the following quick access tools:

  • draftme dash that helps connect variable parts of the text to the logic tree (the dynamic templates functionality)

  • insert link (cross references, bookmarks, hyperlinks)

  • insert comment

  • Draftme AI menu quick access

Bottom panel

  1. The name of the document is shown in the bottom. Right click to rename it.

  2. To add more documents and work with document bundle, click the plus icon.

  3. The language of the text where the cursor is placed or was placed the last time.

  4. The time when document was last saved. If you left the document open for a while, the saving time will still be the time when you made the last edit.

  5. Show and hide the right panel for a pure text editing experience.

  6. Download the document if needed.

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