General information

Full compatibility with MS Word

Draftme text editor is a professional editor with an AI companion. It also has easy to use in-built templation tools.

Draftme text editor has been designed keeping in mind the legacy of MS Word format and it fully supports the .docx format.

You can work with MS Word documents as you always do, importing and exporting documents in MS Word format as you need to.

Unlike most web-based text editors where all the initial styles and formatting is lost, Draftme text editor keeps the document safe in its initial state.

Powerful and fast

You can upload your 100-pages SPA and open it in a second. You will not have to wait until a large document loads - it just opens up in a second.

Draftme text editor does not crash on opening even a 1000-pages document while most text editors can't do this.

Automatic document saving

For your convenience and document safety, there is no save button in Draftme text editor.

Instead, the document saves continuously as you edit the document. Draftme saves the document at every change that you or your collaborators make.

You can also jump back to previous state of the document via version history to see the changes you made.

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