Document review features

The document review features have been designed to enhance collaboration, improve document workflow, and provide a seamless editing experience to you and your team

Review tab

The Review tab contains tools and options that are focused on reviewing and editing the document:

  • Track changes: this option allows you to make suggestions for editing the document without directly making changes

  • View changes: it allows you to view suggestions in original, redline or final mode

  • Moving between and accepting changes: accept or reject suggested edits made by collaborators

To start working in track changes, click on the Track changes icon.

To turn it off, click on the Track changes icon again.

Version history tab

Version history opens up a panel on the left that show how the document evolded over time.

To leave the version history tab back to other tools, click the 'close' icon.

Version history includes version control and revision history features that allow users to track changes and revert to previous versions of a document. Here's how these features work:

  • Revision history: this feature shows a chronological list of all changes made to the document, including edits, additions, and deletions. Users can view different versions of the document and see who made the changes

  • Version control: restore previous versions if needed.

Using Track changes and Versioning in your workflow

Track Changes will help you easily see what happens in your documents:

  • Enable real-time tracking of modifications made to documents.

  • Highlight all additions, deletions, and formatting changes made by collaborators.

  • Display author names and timestamps for each change.

Versioning will help you provide transparency in document revisions:

  • Allows users to create and manage multiple versions of a document.

  • Automatically saves and timestamps each version to preserve the document's history.

  • Provides an option to revert to a previous version of the document if needed.

Together, track changes, versioning and document sharing will help you seamlessly collaborate across internal and external teams.

By simply sending a document link to other parties, you can avoid the hassle of document uploads and lengthy email exchanges. Any changes made by the counterparty to the document will also be automatically saved.

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