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Content Suggestions overview

Content suggestions check can help verify whether all necessary clauses have been inclduded in the contract. For instance, if you are reviewing or editing a contract and want to make sure you haven't missed anything important.

Draftme AI will assist you in carrying out an automated check using a special checklist of provisions for a document of the selected type. If a provision is not found, the name of missing provision is added to the list.

The list of critical provisions for various contract types has been developed by the team of Draftme LegalTech lawyers.

How to use content suggestions

The "Content suggestions" section is located at the bottom of Draftme AI sidebar:

Looking for key provisions

Primarily, the contract content is checked for all the key provisions necessary for a contract of the given type according to a specified checklist.

Choose an appropriate type of the document before you start checking the document.

To start searching for provisions, click Create suggestions.

It can take 10 - 30 seconds depending on the volume of the document and the volume of the checklist used by Draftme AI to examine the document.

When the search is complete, you will see the following results:

  1. If any missing provisions are detected which are recommended in contracts of this type but have not been included in the document, they are displayed in a bubble. Alternatively, you may see s notification stating that all necessary provisions, according to the checklist, are present in the contract.

  2. Draftme AI can generate a draft wording for the recommended provision.

    Click on the title of the provision to begin the search.

    When Draftme AI has written the wording, you can insert it into the text and rewrite it to your liking.

  3. The "Create suggestions" button has been replaced with the "Update suggestions" button. If you have significantly revised the document after performing the initial search, click the "Update suggestions" button. The document will be checked again to see if all the necessary provisions have been taken into account.

Looking for optional provisions

For most documents you will also see the option to suggest more clauses.

These consist of standard provisions that are not essential to the completeness of the contract. Yet these optional suggestions may be incorporated based on best practices.

Checking using GPT-4

We recommend enabling GPT-4 before performing the contract review. This AI model allows for a more precise analysis and provides superior-quality responses

Content suggestions demo

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