How to use Draftme AI chat

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Below you will find a quick but informative guide that will help you create a good assignment:

  • describe what you want AI to do

  • give a lot of details: AI cannot guess of the tiny details that you do not mention, and it cannot guess what details matter to you

  • if your request is complex, provide examples of a good response and/or a bad response.


The following tools are available when using the chat:

  • editing your request clicking on the pen icon

  • inserting the reponse into the text or copying the reponse

  • repeating the reponse as many times as needed to achieve the result you like

  • deleting part of the response or the the whole conversation


Context is formed from your conversation with Draftme AI chat. The AI remembers the responses in the session (i.e. while you keep the whole of the conversation from the start), takes into account your corrections and requests, and uses them to form more accurate answers.

The consequent responses will be the more accurate, the more information you provide in the dialogue with the assistant.

The context will be saved as long as you continue the conversation and do not call a new menu command from the text. As soon as you call a new command, the context will be deleted.

If needed, the context can be intentionally cleared by clicking on the trash icon. You will then be able to start a new conversation.

Draftme AI chat demo

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