Creating your own instructions

This page will guide you how to use the 'Analyse or modify' section

Draftme AI has a bunch of ready commands that you can use right away.

If you wish to give your own individual assignment to AI to work on the text, the instruction window will help you do this.

Creating your instruction step-by-step

  1. Select the part of text you wish to work on

  2. Place the cursor in the instruction field, then describe what you want AI to do with the text

  3. Change the default language if you wish AI to respond in a different language

  4. If your task is thoughtful and complicated, turn GPT-4 on (available on Business and Enterprise plans)

  5. When you're ready to send your instruction, hit 'Enter'

If the selected text is too long, Draftme AI will notify you.

You can send approximately 10-20 pages with GPT-3.5, and up to 10 pages with GPT-4 depending on the size of the text and the expected length of response.

Working with the response

  1. The part of text stays selected in case you would like to resubmit your request to the same part of text.

  2. Your initial instruction remains in the window in case you wish to edit it. If needed, your can simply edit the instruction and submit again. This can be helpful in cases when AI did not quite catch the initial instruction or you wish to achieve better results.

  3. Click insert if you'd like to paste the reponse in the text. The inserted text will replace the selected text. Alternatively, you can place the cursor where you wish to paste the reponse. The text will be added to the place of the cursor without replacing the initial text.

  4. To repeat the same request again, click the repeat icon. To copy the response, click the copy icon. To delete the response, click the trash icon.

  5. To delete several blocks of responses in case you've generated many, click the general trash icon.


For example, we would like to rewrite the signature block to fill it with the data from the document. Let's see how it works:

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