This page will give an overview what variables are and how they can be used


Variables are the fields that are used to fill in various data such as:

  • text

  • numbers

  • currency

  • date

  • percent

  • image.

They are marked with blue brackets in the text.

To use variables, create them in the logic tree and insert them into the text.

This can be done in a couple of clicks:

Double click in the text area, double click in the logic tree to link it with the text

In the text area:

  • select the text OR double click on any word OR double click in an empty space

  • the toolbar pops out

  • click the pink button in the toolbar

  • double click the variable in the scheme to insert the variable.

Now your first variable has been created.

You may notice that the inserted variable has replaced the word you have selected prior to linking.

You can also use the right-click menu instead the toolbar to make the linking.


The toolbar only appears when you use the trackpad or a mouse, or when you double click in the text area.

In other cases you should right click to use the menu.

Types of variables

Text - text field where any kind of data can be inserted including numbers and various symbols

Number - accepts numbers only

Percent - number plus automatic percent symbol adds up

Currency - number plus automatic currency symbol adds up

Date - date in various formats are recognised upon insertion

Image - this field is designed to upload an image of a square size


Quick settings

You can use quick settings to change the type of the variable.

When you change the type of the variable, it will have new properties.


Double click anywhere on the variable to get inside its settings OR click the right arrow.

You can rename the variable 1) from the quick menu in the three dots and 2) inside the settings window.


Any variable can inserted in the text as many times as needed.

Every time you insert the variable into the text you create its instance.

When you fill in a variable in the questionnaire, all the instances will be filled in with the same value.

In the logic tree, you can navigate between the instances of the variable from inside the settings tab using the arrows. As you click, the instances will be highlighted in the text area.

You can set up instance-specific settings in case you need them.

For example, you can set the format of the date as 2019/07/22 for instance 1, and you can set the format as 22.07.2019 for instance 1.

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