How to use Draftme AI menu

This page will look at how Draftme AI menu works

Draftme AI menu contains a larger list of commands that you may use less frequently.

Commands you'll love

AI menu is available from the toolbar when you select some text OR when you right click on the text and select Draftme AI.

The following commands are available:

Rewrite selection

Generate from selection

Please note that the list of commands may evolve over time

Using the commands

As you select some text and use the Draftme AI command, the answer will start typing in the AI chat panel.

After you get the result, you can can continue talking to AI in the context of selected text and the initial command, to specify the response. Draftme AI will remember the initial text and the assignments and will reply to you keeping this in memory.

If you perform a new command, the previous conversation will be cleared.

Demo using Draftme AI menu

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