Document Scenarios

Draftme AI home page is a dashboard that allows you to process documents on a step-by-step basis.

No need to write prompts. Simply upload the document and Draftme AI will take care of the rest.

What can Draftme AI do for you?

Large language models are able to analyze the text you provide, extract information from it, synthesize it with the new text, and even create texts from scratch. AI is also able to create a new document retrieving data from the main document.

All you need to do is upload the document and provide a few details. The rest will happen automatically.

How does it work?

  1. Select the appropriate scenario.

  2. You'll interact with a series of dialogue boxes describing what you need to do. Scenarios typically consist of 1 to 3 steps.

    • At the first step, Draftme AI will prompt you to either upload a document from your disk or select a document from the file system. You can upload files in .docx, .csv, and .txt formats. The file uploaded from the local disk will be automatically saved in the "My Documents" folder, except for .csv files.

    • On the final step Draftme AI may ask you to provide additional data to be considered when generating the response.

  3. As you click the "Next" button on the last step, all the provided information is consolidated into a single prompt. The uploaded documents, entered data, and instructions pre-prepared for the AI are assembled into a prompt and sent for processing.

  4. The document will start generating directly in the editor. The generated document is automatically titled and saved in the "My Documents" folder.

Scenarios demo

Things to consider

Context window

Context is both the assignment you give to AI, the text that you send for processing and the reponse you receive.

Draftme AI can process approximately 20 pages of uploaded text. This capacity is shared between the original text and the response.

For example, you can upload a 10-page document and get back a rewritten version in 10 pages. Alternatively, you can upload 19 pages and receive a summary in 1 page. This limitation does not apply to document translation as translation uses a special algorithm.

Very soon, the capability to process texts up to 120 pages will be available.

Bits of roughness

Occasionally Draftme AI may include its own comments at the beginning of the response, as well as repeat the name of the file it uses, or add quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the answer.

This is a normal behavior based on how large language models were trained.

Always check your output

Don't forget to check the output from AI, especially the facts. The answer from AI may appear convincing although the facts will be misleading.

Double check the output from AI just like you would review the work of a junior lawyer.

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