This page focuses on the restrictive issues you should keep in mind at all times when working with AI


Document size

Please note the following current limitations with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 related to the size of the document.

GPT models share the allowed size between the incoming and resulting text. For example, you can send approximately 20 pages of text and get a 1-page summary. Or you can send approximately 10 pages to improve the document, and you can get a a 10-pages improved document.

It is now possible to send:

  • approximately 20 pages which depends on the density of text if you work with GPT-3.5 (i.e. GPT-4 is not turned on)

  • approximately 10 pages if GPT-4 is turned on.

We are currently working to remove this limitation, and we expect to launch the 'large texts' feature in 1Q 2024.

The freshness of data

The language model has been trained on the dataset per September 2021.

It has limited knowledge of facts and data after September 2021.

We are currently working to enable the companion to search for information on the web or even per direct links that you provide.


AI can sometimes write plausible-sounding but incorrect or generalized information. If this happens, try rephrasing your instruction with more detail.

Since this is generative AI, it can create imaginary facts, non-existing references to laws and cases, factual errors, etc.

Information generated by AI may contain errors, and it is your responsibility to verify the data before using the content.

The data you input and the data you generate belongs to you, and you are fully responsible for creation, content and use of your data.

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