Publishing templates

Please note that the publishing feature is available in private workspaces on Draftme Enterprise plan


When your template is ready, publish it.

The status of the template will change to ‘Published’ in the upper bar.

A published template becomes available to all the users in your workspace.

Note: Users with the ordinary ‘User’ role can only use templates, i.e. create their own documents on the basis of the template.

They cannot modify a template even in case an expert shares a template with them adding the editor rights.


To make the template unavailable, unpublish it.

The status of the template will change to ‘Draft’ in the upper bar.

The template will immediately diappear from the template section.

All the documents previously created on the basis on this template will still remain in the system.

Update template

If you wish to update a published or unpublished template, just start editing it.

When you make the first change, the status of the template will change to ‘In progress’.

Continue editing. The changes you make in the published template will not be visible to the users until you publish the template again.

Publishing the template will apply the changes and make a new version of the template available to users.

Update document

There is a connection between the document and its template.

Once the template has been re-published, all the documents created from this template can been updated as well to apply new changes from the template.

The update can be done manually upon opening the document. If an update is available, you will see a notification:

If you close the notification without taking action, you will see the notification again next time you open the document.

When you apply the changes, the system runs a compare between the last published and the most recently published versions of the template including the fields.

The fields you previously completed in the questionnaire will usually be saved as before. If the fields were deleted from the template or their type was changed, the fields will either be deleted from the document or their value be deleted.

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