Templates quick start

You can start with this simple guide to create a basic template

What are simple templates?

Simple templates are Word documents where variable parts are marked with square brackets, highlighting etc. In general, these are classic Word templates.

What are dynamic templates?

Dynamic templates are Word documents that have automated variable parts:

  • variables

  • questions

  • multipliers

These automated parts can be completed or switched to change the wordings in the text in a simple way.

What are Questionnaries?

'Questionnaires' are draft documents created from dynamic templates. These are Word documents with a questionnaire on the right side that helps you complete the template and prepare the draft.

How to create a basic dynamic template

Create variables

Variables are the fields that are used to fill in data such as text, numbers, currency, date, percent and image.

To use variables, create them in the logic tree and insert them into the text.

This can be done in a couple of clicks:

Create questions

Questions are used to show and hide parts of text, connected to particular answers.

To use questions, create them in the logic tree.

When the answer is selected, the relevant part of the text will show up. When the answer is not selected, it will not be shown in the text.

Using your templates


The most convenient way to use templates is to publish them.

Please note: the publishing feature is available to users on Draftme Enterprise plan

When your template is ready, publish it.

A published template becomes available to all the users of your workspace in the Templates section.

To make the template unavailable, unpublish it.

Simple use

If you do not have publishing available, you can create draft documents from inside the template.

Once you have finished creating your template, click the Actions button and create a document:

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